Thursday, November 19, 2009

Course Selection for Spring Semester

It is hard to believe that it is already time to register for next semester's classes. I have an appointment with my advisor this afternoon to discuss my initial course selection. In preparation for this meeting I selected my 10 course choices, which I have listed below.

The way the process works here at ITP is that each student selects their top 10 course choices. Once all students have received approval on their course requests from their advisors, the process is turned over to an evil or benign algorithm (depending on who you ask). This algorithm determines who gets into which class.

My Top 10 List
  1. Dataflow Audio Programming
  2. The Softness of Things
  3. Nature of Code
  4. Social Facts: Motivation
  5. Big Games
  6. If Products Could Tell Their Stories
  7. Design Expo
  8. Spatial Media
  9. Exhibit Design: NY Hall of Science
  10. Mechanisms and Things That Move
I am extremely excited about each one of these possibilities. It was hard to choose the 10 most appealing courses because the course offerings are diverse and amazing. I'm happy that I still have three semesters left to take advantage of many more course.

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