Friday, November 20, 2009

Energy Games

Concept: to create games that raise student’s awareness regarding energy usage and provide positive reinforcement for energy conservation practices. it different NYU dorms against one another in a competition where the winning dorm receives special privileges and awards.

Mechanics: Create a database with real time and over time energy consumption that enables students at different dorms to compare their energy usage per square feet. Develop several applications to visualize this data in actionable ways.

Develop visualizations that feature energy usage information and a scoreboard in easy to understand info-graphics. Display this information in common areas of the dorms and make it available on the internet. Provide students with access to tips and resources that enable them to learn how to reduce their energy usage, on a personal and community level.

Use outdoor projections on participating dorms to showcase the standing of each dorm at the end of each phase of the competition. Create events to engage students in a discussion about energy usage.

Credit: This idea was inspired by Josh Clayton’s final project in our Introduction to Computational Media class. The picture is licensed under Creative Commons and was taken by adrileb from flickr.

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