Monday, November 9, 2009

Comm Lab Video Project - Storyboard Development

Earlier today I worked with Arturo, Eric, and Tamar to develop the concept and storyboards for our Communication Lab class. We met up this morning at eleven in a coffee shop near the ITP floor. After brainstorming for 30 minutes we created a long list of possible inspirations for our story. Here is a link to a more readable version of this document.

After developing this list we identified a few main themes and explored many different storylines. We settled on the idea of creating a video that captures a news program host going ballistic. We were loosely inspired by Bill O'Reilly's famous freakout - I can't believe that I am admitting to being inspired by Mr. O'Reilly.

After developing the general arch of the story we headed back to the ITP floor to collaboratively draw the storyboards on the large rolls of paper from the studio. Here is a picture of our finished work (follow this link to view a more readable version).

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