Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Idea: Virtual Possibility Cards

Project Goal: To help people tune in to new possibilities and perspectives that are available to them in an engaging manner. My inspiration stems from a desire to help people think laterally and explore new points of view. The concept itself is loosely based on angel and goddess guidance cards (tarot cards as well).

The Concept: The user interface for this project would be based on a physical deck of cards. The participant would take a card from a deck and place the card on a table that is styled like the table of a tarot card reader. A video camera above the table would capture a 2D barcode that is printed on the card.

In response, a computer display (ideally stylized to match the overall theme of this application) would show a card that features some wise guidance and new perspective for the participant to explore. The participant would also be able to print out his/her card to take home for further reflection.

Important Considerations: In order to make this experience as engaging as possible there needs to be a connection (or at least a perceived connection) between the physical interaction and the resulting guidance. I am randomly linking the physical and virtual cards, or using some types of sensors to determine how to map the 2D barcodes to the virtual card content. This is an area that will need to be explored further if I decide to pursue this project.

This idea could be embellished into a more immersive experience by exploring different possibilities for displaying content, including projected video and the use of sound. Lighting could also be used to enhance the experience. For example, changing the lighting of the room while the card is being read could give the sense that spirits are guiding the transformation. Management of people flow is another way to add gravitas to this experience. These embellishments assume that I take the project in a more tarot-like direction.

The last point I have to make is about the importance of the content itself to making this project a success. The content would need to offer sufficient breadth and quality to keep the audience engaged in this interaction.

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