Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fangs Resurrected - ICM Final Project Idea

After much brainstorming and indecision I have finally settled on my final project for the Intro to Computational Media final. My project will be to create a tricked out (or pimped out) version of the fangs invaders game. Below you will find the fangs game in its current state.

Since I last shared it in class, and on this blog, I have made a few updates to this sketch. Namely, I have added functionality to calculate and display a score, which is shown on a new page at the end of the game. This is a very small improvement in comparison to the changes I will integrate over the next two weeks.

For this project there are a bunch of updates that I plan to make. Since I may not be able to implement all of the changes I have created a prioritized list to guide my work over the past several weeks:
  • Improve game scoring logic and add score to game play environment.
  • Create an online high-score database (or file) using PHP scripting.
  • Improve animation by adding wing movement, and making it more natural.
  • Develop group behavior for the bats so that they interact and flock occasionally.
  • Update look and feel of the game by adding back images and improving design.
  • Add multiple stages with increasing levels of difficulty.
[picture taken from flickr user furryscalyman - Creative Commons License ]

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