Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cats vs. Bat Game - My Final ICM Final

Now that finals are finished I finally have some time to devote to this journal. Needless to say, a lot has happened during the last month that I have not yet shared here. Let's begin with an update regarding the ICM final.

Over the weekend I finished my final project for ICM, which is an updated version of the fangs invaders game that is titled "Cats vs Bats". This updated version of the game is almost unrecognizable from the previous one. Here is a link to an online version of the game (please note that you need to have a fast internet connection to play it because it is not web optimized), followed by a brief description of the game coupled with a list of the latest updates.

You can also download the game here: mac version | windows version.

Project overview: cats vs bats is simple space invader-like game. In this game, a small oriental shorthair cat named Sasha is our only hope to save the world against a swarm of diseased bats.

Though currently this project is screen-based only, I am working on developing a cat toy that will be used in conjunction with this application. A single joystick controller has been created that can be used to control either or both of these projects (so that you can play the game and with your cat at the same time). Also, the proximity of the cat to the toy will enable a player to earn bonus points in the Cats vs. Bats game.

Main updates: Here is an overview of the main updates that I have been working on over the past several weeks. Over the winter break I plan on delving deeper into a few of these areas (such as use of vectors to drive bat motion).
• Improve game scoring logic and add score to game play environment.
• Create an online high-score database.
• Improve animation by making flight patter more random and natural.
• Update look and feel of the game by adding back images and improving design.
• Include bonus points opportunities.
• Add stages with increasing levels of difficulty.

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