Friday, November 13, 2009

Playing with Motors IPC Lab (Continued)

Earlier this week I put together a short post regarding the motor lab for IPC. As I outlined in my post, I encountered a problem when working on the H-bridge lab. The Arduino was constantly switching off and on and when I moved the potentiometer to change the speed and direction of the motor. Therefore, yesterday I decided to re-do this part of the lab, adding a capacitor to the circuit to regulate the voltage during start up and moments where a lot of resistance is being placed on the motor.

I am happy to report that when I re-did the lab I was able to get everything working properly. As you can see in the video below I was able to get the potentiometer to control the motor smoothly while alternating speed and direction.

Considering that I will need to use motor to enable movement for two aspects of my final project, I enjoyed having the opportunity to practice building circuits that require diodes and capacitors (as I have little experience working with these components).

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