Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Strolling for Sensors

On Monday morning I left my apartment with camera in hand to walk around my neighborhood to witness and, when possible, capture people's interactions with sensors. The trajectory of my walk was from my apartment to the post office; it is outlined on the Google map below.

Sensors (in the form of buttons, cameras, mics, etc) play a pervasive role in our modern lives; we are constantly interacting with them in intentional and unintentional ways. Here is an overview of all the sensors and interactions that I witnessed during this short stroll through the LES.

Sensor Walk Photos

List of devices and sensors encountered during the stroll:
  • Light Switch: on/off button
  • Elevator Call Button: call buttons and key lock
  • Fire Alarm Control: control buttons
  • Door Buzzer: apartment number buttons
  • Pay Phone: dial pad buttons and audio sensor
  • ATM Machine: number buttons and touchscreen sensors
  • Parking Meter: selection buttons
  • UPS Mobile Device: keyboard and touchscreen sensors
  • Portable Media Player: touchscreen sensors
  • Cell Phone: dial pad, audio, and photo sensors
  • Walkie Talkie Cell Phone: dial pad, audio sensor
  • Parked Car: proximity key sensor
  • Moving Car: steering wheel, buttons, and pedals
  • Post Office POS Device: touchscreen sensor
  • Door Open Button: large button
  • Satellite Dish: satellite
  • Video Camera: audio and photo sensors
  • Digital Camera: audio and photo sensors

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