Saturday, September 12, 2009

Setting up the Arduino - Let There Be Light

After several days of impatient waiting for the parts kit to come in I finally set up my Arduino a few minutes ago.

I read the tutorial on the Arduino website to get started. This helped me recall what we covered in class. I felt pretty confident during the entire process and all went off without a hitch. My first program was an interaction of the traditional "blink" sketch. The only deviation I made from the code that Tom showed us in class was that I set different delay times for the LEDs.

After confirming that the chipset was connected and working properly, and after having played around with the delays times I took the next logical step of adding an LED light to the Arduino. Never thought I could be so happy from being able to turn on a tiny little light. Here is an exciting video of the LED light on my Arduino blinking at different rhythms:

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