Wednesday, September 23, 2009

30 Minute Film Festival & 42 Seconds

Here is the one minute short video that I created with Patricia, Lisa, and Eric for Comm Lab. Our challenge was to make movie from ideation through final cut in 30 minutes (ok maybe it was more like 40 minutes). Here is the fruit of our labor:

We had a great time putting this movie together, not to say that we didn't feel any stress as that was a key part of the challenge. Our process started with an open brainstorm session that focused on creating a list of individual words. Once we captured 40 words we reviewed them to pick out a few words or themes with which to build a story. This is what made it to the top of the list: car, racing, accident, hurt, 42 seconds.

Through conversation and negotiation we quickly reached an agreement on the overall storyline and began making a list of shots we needed. We then sprinted downstairs to shoot the footage. Then raced back upstairs to edit the movie. We were done just in the nick of time.

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