Friday, September 19, 2008

More on Tangible Computing - The Tangible Media Group from MIT

I have just finished adding the summary of a chapter focused on tangible computing to my synopsis of the book "Where the Action Is: The Foundations of Embodied Interaction". Tangible computing is an area of interaction design that truly fascinates me. The Tangible Media Group from the MIT Media Lab has been a research leader in this area for many years (Dourish's book that I have been summarizing is published by MIT press). Check out this Tangible Media Group's website; here you can find information about researchers and the projects currently being carried out at MIT.

Best of all, you can also access pretty much all of the research papers that they have published since 1990 -
here's a direct link to this page. Here is a short list of some interesting titles you will find here (I have not read any of these yet):
  • Interaction Techniques for Musical Performance with Tabletop Tangible Interfaces
  • PlayPals: Tangible Interfaces for Remote Communication and Play
  • Designing the World as Your Palette
  • Bottles: A Transparent Interface as a Tribute to Mark Weiser
  • Tangible Viewpoints: A Physical Interface for Exploring Character-Driven Narratives

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